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Free 3D Printing Workshop

Designers, hobbyists, artists, start-ups, potential business owners and anyone looking to learn what 3D printing is, and the basic knowledge required to start, this is the course made specially for you. Contact us to book a slot for free!

3D Printing Workshop (Foundation) (w/ Essential Marketing Training)

This course is a sequel to the Free Workshop For 3D Printing. We believe that foundation is the key to all successful business and career. Therefore, we have created this course to impart all 3D Printing and Marketing fundamentals to you, for your future endeavours in this industry.

Fusion 360 & Intermediate Marketing Course (Intermediate 3D Printing Workshop)

Are you sick and tired of printing 3D models from random website only? Congratulations! You have attained a new level in 3D Printing. Do not limit yourself any longer! Challenge yourself and move one level closer to monetizing your 3D Printing skills! The real fun and challenge in 3D printing begins with our intermediate workshop.

Advanced 3D Printing Workshop

Did you know that you can make money from 3D printing? This course will tell you how to do just that. This is an advanced course for learners who wants learn how to make money with 3D Printing.