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Advanced 3D Printing Workshop



Did you know that you can make money from 3D printing? This course will tell you how to do just that. This is an advanced course for learners who wants learn how to make money with 3D Printing.




  • FDM / DLP Printers

    • Post-process training on 3D Printed Model

    • How to calibration temperature settings on Heatbed and nozzle

    • How to earn money with 3D Printing

    • Insight experience sharing for the 3D Printing Industry

    • Common defects of 3D Printing

      • How to fix the defects

      • Where to get these spares

      • What are the important parts to keep to reduce down time of your printer

    • Fatal Mistake to avoid in 3D Printing industries


  • Commercializing

    • Business Registration

      • Choosing the right entity the level of activity

    • Logistical arrangement

    • Financing of the hardware & software

      • Leisure level

      • Retail business level

      • Industrial level

      • Equipment Lease/Hire Purchase/Cash Purchase

    • Monetization of your Product/Service

      • Sale of direct printout

      • Sale of editable blueprints

    • Accounting Practices

    • Exit Plans


  • The Digital Business

    • Online Business Platforms

      • Selecting the suitable platforms to host with

      • Kickstarting with a blank page

    • Website Development

      • Building of simple WIX site

      • Why a business website is an essential?

      • Payment Gateways

    • Social Media Marketing

      • Content Planning

      • Engagement Schedules

      • Reaching out to your Target Audience

    • Google SEO

      • Keywords Optimisation

      • Hashtags

      • Backlinks and Hyperlinks

    • Operating an Online Business

      • Strategic Planning of Content / Product Launches and etc.

      • Numbers are just a Game

      • Striking equilibrium with both Advertising fees and Revenue earned

      • Influencers / Artistes Engagement

      • Enhancing Product Attractiveness

  • Able to understand English language.

  • Basic computing skills.

  • Foundation knowledge of 3D Printing

  • Bring your laptop for better learning experience.