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3D Printing Workshop (Foundation) (w/ Essential Marketing Training)



This course is a sequel to the Free Workshop For 3D Printing. We believe that foundation is the key to all successful business and career. Therefore, we have created this course to impart all 3D Printing and Marketing fundamentals to you, for your future endeavours in this industry.




  • FDM Printers

    • How to pick the correct printer for yourself

    • Different 3D Printer in the market

    • How to use Slicing software (Simplfy3D & Cura)

    • How to operate a 3D Printer (Basic and Advance Function)

    • Hands-on practice on calibration of X, Y, Z Axis, and Extruder

    • Different Print Bed Surface

    • Troubleshooting 3D Models & Printers (Setting on Slicing Software & ProntorFace)

    • Different materials and its application

    • Where to find printable models

    • Introduction to 3D Modelling

  • DLP Printers

    • How does DLP Printers works

    • Hands on practice on calibration

    • How to handle a DLP 3D Printed model

    • Essential tool required

  • Marketing

    • Understanding Digital Media Platforms

    • How does Marketing enhances product attractiveness

    • Differentiating Real VS Intended Marketing

    • How Marketing affects your purchase decision

  • Able to understand English language.

  • Basic computing skills.

  • Bring your laptop for better learning experience.